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Welcome to the Crew

Eccentric, Affordable, & Rad as Hell

Handmade, high-quality products crafted with relatability, affordability, and inclusivity in mind. That is the Kat & Crew philosophy, helmed by two very passionate creatives (and makers) who take each item from concept to creation right in their home in the Mitten.

Watch our podcast interview or keep scrolling to learn more!

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- G E T   T O  K N O W -

K A T Y​

Favorite bite: a nacho chip with a little of all the toppings

Favorite dinosaur: Velociraptor

Favorite color: Olive Green

Favorite tree: Willow

Favorite quote: "If it gives you peace, keep raising hell"

Current candle burning: Tobacco Patchouli

Current song on repeat: Easy by Like Roses

Random fact: I want to write a poetry book one day



- G E T   T O  K N O W -


Favorite bite: biscuits & gravy, a touch of runny yolk & hot sauce

Favorite dinosaur: T-Rex

Favorite color: Black (also slightly darker black)

Favorite tree: Birch Bark Hickory

Favorite quote: "Sometimes, maybe good...Sometimes, maybe sh*t"

Current candle burning: Barber Shop Shave

Current song on repeat: Never Fight A Man With A Perm by IDLES

Random fact: I have 34 plants


Finding home décor and accessories to match your “standing in the back at the show with your arms crossed while still having the time of your life" elder emo aesthetic is easier said than done. That’s where Kat & Crew steps in, born from the frustration and despair that comes with endlessly scrolling through websites and pages without finding a single thing to snag. Katy’s can-do attitude and a lifelong passion for creating things joined perfectly with Scavo’s interests and vision to form K&C — a shared love of Midwest pop punk and traditional tattoos didn’t hurt either!

A Quick Chat With The Crew

Our Promise to You

Scavo and I are dreamers and artists at heart. Each of our pieces is forged through this passion, crafted by hand with care put into every item. Simply put, our goal is to design unique, exciting décor and accessories to share with you purely for the love of doing it, and the joy we get from creating things for friends and family. Each piece is unashamedly “us,” a tiny glimpse into our quirks and interests that forges each item an identity all its own.

Kat & Crew is fully prepared to accent your room from floor to ceiling with affordable items of all kinds. Succulent candles, shirts for the emo kids at heart, cool and creepy skull planters, snake votives — if any of this sounds up your alley, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Welcome to the Crew.


A Typical Day at the (Home)Office 

From brainstorming the next awesome design to hand making our newest pieces in-house and perfecting our original molds, every day is a fun and exciting experience for Kat & Crew. Our humble beginnings came from a desire to find high-quality décor and accessories that were kind of quirky, kind of spooky, but completely “us,” and Kat & Crew remains committed to creating products of the highest quality that are sure to make the perfect gift, addition to the breakfast nook, conversation piece — you name it!



In addition to providing you with a one-stop shop for kickass home goods, customer service is incredibly important to us, and we promise to never leave you waiting as all questions and comments will be handled ASAP. Join the Crew today!

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