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Small Business Saturday: Why It's So Important

Small business owners play a key role in our communities. That corner grocery store with the friendly couple always behind the counter, the upscale boutique ran by two 20-somethings with big dreams, the bakeries, the mom-and-pop restaurants. This is what “community” looks like, and as more and more small businesses pop up, it’s always a good decision to support their endeavors much like those global brands we all love. When supporting small businesses, not only are you receiving top-quality goods and services with genuine love, care, and passion put into them; you’re keeping their lights on and the doors open. Let’s take a look at a few more reasons why shopping small is shopping smart:

1. New, Innovative, and Exciting Products

Tired of seeing the same fast furniture and cheesy décor in all the big-box stores? So are we. That’s why small businesses like Kat & Crew are constantly thinking of their next big product or service, something that not only feels relevant and competitive but also possesses a distinct stylistic edge.

When demand picks up for small businesses, they’re quick to adapt, creating new and refreshed versions of products without adding exponential cost for the customer. Perhaps best of all, small businesses tend to cater to more niche tastes, and may even go above and beyond for new and returning customers with discounts, loyalty programs, and more.

2. They Have a Personality of Their Own

Small businesses invest their knowledge, research, time, and emotion into every product sold or service provided. Behind the social media posts and storefront signage is an individual, a family, or a dreamer fully committed to realizing their vision. One conversation with a small business owner is usually enough to understand that these individuals truly know their stuff, and are ecstatic to share it with you. Creating relationships with small businesses means you’ll always have a reliable source of information and products, not to mention those sweet discounts and other after-sale services that elevate a good shopping experience to an unforgettable one.

3. They Genuinely Need Your Support

Though the economic benefits that healthy small businesses can have on the community are fairly clear, when you support a small business, you are contributing to the growth of a potential future giant. Purchasing goods or services from a small business contributes to a venture that actually needs every dime it can get and does not make billionaires richer. Small businesses appreciate their customers, and you can see the value your support contributes to their growth. You are rewarding them for their blood, sweat, and tears-and money because we all know how daring it is to start a business and keep it on its feet.

The impact that your contribution to small businesses makes is profound, especially as small businesses were the worst hit by the recent pandemic. Supporting small businesses means putting food on the table, the lights on, taps running, and the kids in school for your neighbors and, sometimes, friends. You are improving the lives of entrepreneurs who support others in the community.

4. Excellent Customer Service

When you walk through the doors of a small business that cares, the warm and friendly atmosphere is undeniable. Small businesses adore their customers — whether regulars or pop-in shoppers — as these individuals bring in revenue and spread brand awareness through word of mouth. Because of this, small business owners are generally more than happy to answer questions, solve dilemmas, and make you feel comfortable with and excited about your purchase. This all adds up to top-notch customer service, ensuring you feel like part of the family from your very first visit!

Doing Our Part as Kat & Crew

Kat & Crew exemplifies the small-business spirit. We’re not unlike those that surround your neighborhood and community. And as a small business, we do our best to support other small businesses too. Please join us in keeping the spirit alive!

Welcome to the Crew, We're So Happy You're Here

From Your Friends, Katy & Andrew

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